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Windy City Unique Vending

Vending Machines For Sale in Chicago

Vending Machine Company Chicago

Get Ready For A Unique Experience In Your Workplace Or Business!

Thanks for thinking of Windy City Unique Vending for your new service provider. Windy City Unique Vending has been providing unique service to all its Chicagoland and all suburban customers since 2003. We provide customers the best of both worlds, as we are small enough to give personalized attention but large enough to have access to all the latest vending technologies and products. We are a full-line vending company that specialize in water, soda, food, and snack machines. We service all Chicagoland and suburban areas. Type “vending services near me,” or “vending machine suppliers near me” and see our high demand and commitment towards our clients. We are considered the top-notch vending service providers.

If you are tired of your current vendor due to old machines or poor service get ready for a Unique experience!! We are among the best vending machine companies in Chicago to take vending to the next level we keep all our clients happy with our services.

A Unique Experience In Your Workplace With Windy City Vending Machines!

We Provide Awesome service!! to all our clients big and small companies and taylor to their needs.
No need for Panera or Corner Bakery gives us a try. Let us handle all your catering needs we are a one-stop-shop for all your catering and refreshment needs for your company that’s why we are unique in what we do.

Look up “vending machine companies near me,” or “vending machine service near me” and find us on the top. Please click on our catering page for more information if interested. Please check our menu for prices and our product list to see if this fit your needs. Need something we don’t have? Call our staff so we can accommodate you. We provide vending machines to your company free of charge and free refills when needed and we furthermore offer vending machines for sale in Chicago.


Let’s keep employee morale and retention great at your workplace! By providing our unique programs such as subsidized programs, or free vend programs, etc. you can speak with us about seeing what works best. By providing refreshments at your workplace, so employees don’t waste there lunchtime going out it’s an added convenience to have many options to choose from for lunch inside the break-room from something lite to a medium snack we can provide it for you. We work with you to see what fits best for your company

Healthy Options

Chicagoans are becoming more health-conscious. The demand and desire for healthier beverages, snacks and food items increase every day. Our long hours and “on-the-go lifestyle” continues our need for quick and easy energy boosts to fuel us through the day. Can we snack and still eat healthily? The answer is…YES. Healthy vending options are out there and Windy City Unique Vending has them!!! We constantly watch for new, healthy snacks and beverages and communicate with our manufacturers to help develop these products.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to deliver delightful products.

Are you searching for a vending company that provides choices and awesome service? We have the best vending machines in Chicago. We always accommodate and try our best to fulfill our client’s requests. Your search stops here at Windy City Unique Vending, Inc.

We are a company dedicated to adding value to and providing the highest level of customer service for our clients. The pillars of our organization are:


To provide the highest level of customer service to our customers.


To meet or exceed all reasonable customer requests.


To develop a strategic alliance and true sense of partnership with each of our customers.

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Get the fresh perspective

"Windy City Unique Vending has terrific customer service. They stay on top of their sales and change vending machine content as needed. We have them in our law firm. The snacks and drinks are great, there are plenty of healthy options including some things that I never heard of before, as well as the usual favorites that everyone loves. They work with you to provide exactly the right balance and give you what you're looking for. Their service is great, the company is super nice and always lovely to deal with. Win/win all the way." - Seth Williams

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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

No cash? No worries.

Gone are the days of jamming crumpled dollar bills into a slot. With Windy City Unique Vending machines, the swipe of a card or tap of a phone will do it. We offer a range of convenient payment options: credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet. Transactions are processed in seconds, and it’s back to work! (Of course, good old-fashioned cash works, too.)

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No questions asked.

We aim to make every vending transaction a positive one, but even the best machines act up once in a while. Whether a  product item gets stuck or a card reader fails, Windy City Unique Vending makes refunds easy. You have two options:

  1. We supply you with money and a refund sheet for the customer to fill out for reimbursing users as needed.
  2. We handle refunds for you. All of our vending machines are labeled with phone and email and for users to contact us and receive a refund.
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